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Scuba Diving Lessons in Puerto Rico

Category: Diving Puerto Rico

Scuba Diving Lessons

Every year more people are drawn into the "Fascination of Scuba Diving". Modern scuba equipment allows us to dive to depths of a hundred feet and more. This would not be advisable without proper scuba diving lessons! There are a few hazards like pressure related injuries, such as decompression sickness or air embolism that could happen to anyone without good training by a certified scuba diving instructor. As a scuba diver you must be able to calculate how long and how deep you can safely stay underwater. You also need to learn the correct descent and ascent rates.

Scuba means "self contained underwater breathing apparatus". Sounds complicated? It is not half as complicated as it sounds. Your scuba diving instructor will teach you how to use a PADI diving table and how to calculate your dive time and depth under water. And with the right instructions and the right dive gear you will be able to go scuba diving in no time. Now, if you are looking for the ultimate adventure than you might want to get some Scuba Diving Lessons; and Puerto Rico sure is the right place to get started!

Scuba Diving Equipment

Since we are not able to breathe under water just like fish, scuba divers depend heavyly on their scuba diving gear. What we need to feel comfortable under water and to be able to breath in this, for us, strange environment are only a couple of items. It wasn't always like that as you sure know. Not so long ago, men could only go diving under water with a huge effort on dive gear, a lot of helping hands and a pump that delivered the air through a pipe to the diver down below. Today we have been able to reduce all that to a simple and easily manageable set of dive gear.

Here is what we need to go scuba diving now:

  • A Buoyancy Control Device, or Jacket to keep us floating on the surface and buoyant below
  • A Dive Tank filled with fresh clean air so we can breathe under water
  • A Regulator to control the air flow from the tank through the mouth piece into our lungs
  • A pair of Fins for our far too small feet, so we can swim faster and without much effort
  • A Diving Mask, so we can get a clear picture under water and see where we are swimming
  • And in some regions it is recommendable to use a Wetsuit, to keep warm

Is Scuba Diving Dangerous?

Fact is, that a diver may be more of a threat to aquatic animals than they would be to us. Some corals for example, can be killed by simply touching them. Most aquatic animals don't pose any risks to divers, there are however, a few marine life forms that may harm or injure a scuba diver. Common accidents include jelly fish stings, fire corals, and crown of thorns. Sharks and poisonous sea animals, can also injure scuba divers, if they behave improperly. Unprovoked attacks on scuba divers by animals are rarely heard of. Animals behave under water much as they do above, they attack only when they are provoked.

"Scuba diving, being a visual underwater experience, doesn't include altering the underwater habitat in any way. Divers shouldn't touch anything, be it a plant, a cute animal or even just an object under water, that could easily have become the home of an animal over time."

Scuba Diving the Weightless Adventure

You sure have asked yourself by now, how it feels to be submerged 50 feet, surrounded by nothing more than blue water and tropical fish. It is very similar to a space walk. With all your gear on, feeling completely weightless just like flying through space. It's adventurous! Once you've found out that you actually can breath underwater just as normal as you can breath on the surface, a whole new dimension will open up for the new born scuba diver in you. And after you've learned to keep your buoyancy so perfect that you can control your ascent or descent solely by breathing in and out, the real fun begins. You will than be able to fully enjoy the view and your world has just grown by a whole 70%!

Scuba Diving Certification

Once you had your scuba diving lessons and you have finished your PADI Open Water Scuba Diving Course with East Puerto Rico Divers, you will be certified by your scuba diving instructor as a PADI Open Water Diver and you will be able to enjoy your scuba diving adventures anywhere you want. But first of all enjoy scuba diving here in Puerto Rico, the best kept secret of the Caribbean! See unspoiled and healthy coral reefs, colorful and strange looking tropical fish and dolphins, rays and sharks in all shapes and colors. And it's not like you would have to stop there; there is always the Advanced Open Water Course or if you want to take it a step further, the Rescue Diver Course…….or even master scuba diver.

If you feel like getting started with your scuba diving lessons right away, please contact us here. Click this link to find more details about the , or read more about how You can learn to dive right here.

Scuba Diving Tours Puerto Rico

Category: Diving Puerto Rico

Welcome to Puerto Rico!

For centuries, travelers have known about Puerto Rico. It has long been a connecting point to all areas of the Caribbean. Today's travelers are well familiar with the island as a major port of call for cruise ships, as well as for a major air terminal. Puerto Rico might well be the THE BEST KEPT SECRET IN THE CARIBBEAN !! You don't have to go to somewhere remote and hard to get to, to see pristine, healthy,reefs and abundant aquatic life. It's all here in Puerto Rico!

Scuba Diving Puerto Rico

East Puerto Rico Diving is located in the middle of the east shore of Puerto Rico. The east coast of the island offers most spectacular scuba diving, with visibility frequently approaching 100 ft/30 meters. On our numerous dive sites, including the island of Vieques, you will find warm, clear waters, and enjoy healthy coral reefs, with a great chance of seeing some truly remarkable sea life. Along with stingrays, eels, angelfish and jacks, very often we see dolphins, turtles, manatees, and even sometimes, passing whales!

The Best Diving in the Caribbean!

What you will rarely see, while diving with East Puerto Rico Divers, is other dive boats! Only a few, even well traveled, scuba divers know that Puerto Rico offers scuba diving that is among the best in the Caribbean, for not to say, in the world!. You will see walls, dropping off thousands of feet, you will explore coral reefs that rarely have seen divers or fisherman! For North American divers, the Scuba Diving Paradise of Puerto Rico is usually only a two to three hour direct flight away, with NO PASSPORT REQUIRED.

Enjoy scuba diving in the morning and be back in the sophisticated world of International Hotels, Casinos, and Restaurants of Puerto Rico for dinner!

Snorkeling Puerto Rico:

The top of the list on places for snorkeling in Puerto Rico are made by Playa Esperanza and Blue Beach. The underwater world of Puerto Rico will amaze you with its beauty and tranquil movements. Occasionally, a manatee or nurse shark may glide by. Appreciate the beauty of the antler coral that thrives along the ocean floor, schools of colorful tropical fish and the clear,warm water of the Caribbean. An even better way to discover the beauty of Puerto Rico's underwater world and to enjoy snorkeling sites, which are otherwise hard or even impossible to get to, is to join in on one of our afternoon scuba diving tours. We will bring you to the best snorkeling spots in Puerto Rico; Jump in and be amazed!

Fort El Morro

Surly one of the most visited places in Puerto Rico is Fort El Morro. Sailing into the harbor of San Juan, you will be astonished by the view of El Morro. Built by the Spanish around 1500, the massive citadel of Fort El Morro was meant to prevent their European enemies from gaining access to San Juan, the largest natural port of the Caribbean. The Fortress El Morro was attacked many times during the years and withstood many famous enemies such as Sir Francis Drake and the British fleet, who attacked the fortress in 1595 and 30 years later the entire Dutch fleet.

Old San Juan

Old San Juan is located on the western half of the small island Isleta de San Juan. It is connected to the main island by two bridges and one causeway. The 47 mi² of Old San Juan offers the visitor many attractions such as the famous Commonwealth's Capitol and most of Puerto Rico's central government buildings. Colonial buildings dating back to the 16th and 17th century, alongside narrow cobblestone streets, characterize the picture of Central Old San Juan. Large parts of the old city are surrounded by massive walls, defensive structures and fortresses such as Fort San Felipe del Morro and the 17th century Fort San Cristóbal. A most famous fortress is the 16th century Fort El Palacio de Santa Catalina, also known as La Fortaleza, which today serves as the Governor's Mansion. Don't forget your camera, there are pictures to take on every corner of the town!

Beach Vacations:

A number of travelers already know about the white sandy beaches of Puerto Rico. One of the most photographed beaches in Puerto Rico is situated not far from East Puerto Rico Diving. Luquillo Beach lays about 30 miles east of San Juan an is known to be the most family friendly beach of Puerto Rico. A coral reef, perfectly placed to limit the rough oceans, evident at some other beaches in Puerto Rico, keeps the water in the bay calm, clear and warm. Luquillo Beach is well suited for families with small children. The beach provides Picnic Areas, Changing Rooms and Showers.

Surfing Little Malibu

Another famous beach in Puerto Rico is Playa Higuero which served for the world surfing championships. Playa Higuero is a world-class surfing beach also known as "Little Malibu". The beach of Playa Higuero commonly experiences 16 foot wave breakers waiting to challenge even experienced surf boarders. There are many more beaches, one more beautiful than the other, on Puerto Rico. Some of them are secret, hidden spots like Rosado Beach, a quiet little cove providing the ultimate place to escape the busier beaches of Puerto Rico. The access to Rosado Beach can be a bit tricky. Our staff will be happy to provide you with more information about the most beautiful beaches of Puerto Rico, and how to get there best.

El Yunque:

Visit El Yunque; the only sub tropical rain forest in the U.S. Forest Service System. Flourishing on the eastern side of the steep mountains of Luquillo, with it's 28,000 acres of lush, tropical vegetation, El Yunque, remains the last virgin rain forest on the island and the largest stretch of pristine forest under public domain in Puerto Rico. El Yunque has welcomed more than one million visitors since it's opening in 1996!

We hope that we where able to give you a little insight in Puerto Rico and of what you can expect on your Puerto Rico Vacations. We will add more specific content on many aspects of Puerto Rico, Scuba Diving Lessons and our Scuba Diving Tours over time. Check back here frequently to find new pictures of the island, the spectacular Puerto Rican underwater world, the rain forest and it's inhabitants, and of course, of our guests and ourselves.

Please feel free use our Contact Form for further inquiries and/or reservations.

Learn to Dive in Puerto Rico

Category: Scuba Diving Lessons

Scuba Diving Lessons in Palmas del Mar

If you haven't been diving Puerto Rico, it's just about time to give it a thought, but if you have never been scuba diving at all, you are missing out on the greater part of the world! 70% of your possible holiday destinations are under water. And within this 70% you can find the most beautiful and unspoiled parts of mother nature. Have you ever been snorkeling above a colorful coral reef and you wished you could go down to have a closer look and take as much time as you like? If so, you certainly need some scuba diving lessons! Think about swimming with dolphins in the warm Caribbean sea, and discovering a whole new world full of strange lifeforms and incredible colors.

Diving Courses with East Puerto Rico Divers

East Puerto Rico Divers offers you the chance to learn scuba diving in only a few days with ease. We conduct PADI scuba diving lessons from beginner to divemaster here in Palmas del Mar. Our diving courses are held by professional PADI scuba diving instructors. Our well trained staff will teach you all you need to know about the underwater world and how you can safely enjoy your new hobby. Excitement guaranteed!

Open Water Diver Certification

We all started once with the , the beginner course. Within only four days you will learn the basics of scuba diving. You will learn about the PADI buddy system and how to handle your diving equipment, you will learn that you can breathe under water just like you can breathe on the surface and and you will also learn how to plan your own dives. After your exam, you will be a certified PADI Open Water Diver.

Advanced Open Water Diver Certification

With an additional five dives, where you learn how to navigate under water and how to dive deeper than your Open Water certification allows you. consists of five parts. Two are mandatory dives, deep and navigation, and three more dives are for you to select, pretty much according to your interests. Each dive has a theoretical part to it, which will be explained in detail, by your diving instructor.

Rescue Diver Certification

After you have been certified as an PADI Advanced Diver, you might want to make some fun dives, to train the skills you have learned so far and to gain some confidence. PADI requires you to have 20 dives logged by the time you start the Rescue Diver Course. If you have just finished your OWD and your AOWD you should have at least nine logged dives, four from the open water dives in your first course and five from your advanced lessons. is a bit demanding, because you will learn how to assist a fellow diver in case of an emergancy, so we take it serious. The course still offers a lot of fun for everybody though.

PADI eLearning

Category: Scuba Diving Lessons

PADI eLearning, the faster way to learn to dive

In some cases a short trip to Puerto Rico over a prolonged weekend can be more rewarding as a two week holiday on a crowded beach in Florida. Especially if you love the underwater world! Here on ther east coast of Puerto Rico, where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Caribbean Sea we find an unseen, colorful biodiversity of sea life, like nowhere else in the world.

If you have never been scuba diving before, come and have a look underwater with "East Puerto Rico Diving". If your time is too short for the complete scuba diving lessons of the PADI Open Water Course, you can already get started with studying your first diving lessons at home or wherever you are! This means, that you will only have to do the "water work" here in Puerto Rico. All the accademics can be done at home, using PADI eLearning! This simple way of electronic study allows participants for Open Water and Advanced Diving Lessons to have their theoretical part of their Diving Course done before they even get here. Read more about PADI eLearning and how to participate here.

Palmas del Mar

Category: Palmas del Mar

What you can do in Palmas del Mar besides Scuba Diving

Palmas del Mar might well be the most beautiful region of east Puerto Rico! Several beautiful beaches are just minutes away from the center. The tropical, green region, invites to nature walks and relaxing in the shade of palm trees on beautiful white sandy beaches. Palmas del Mar offers several most beautiful beaches, such as;

Pass-a-Grill Beach, St.Pete Beach and the "North Beach" of Fort de Soto are just ten minutes out on a bike. The Famous Tierra Verda North Beach is just a 15 minutes bike ride out of the Center of Palmas del Mar.

Other nearby activities in Palmas del Mar are:

  • Basketball
  • Biking
  • Boating
  • Fitness Centers
  • Golf
  • Great Sightseeing
  • Gym
  • Hiking
  • Jet Skiing
  • Many Restaurants
  • Para Sailing
  • Sailing
  • Scuba Diving
  • Shuffleboard
  • Shopping Possibilities
  • Sport Fishing
  • Swimming
  • Snorkeling
  • Tennis
  • Tube Riding
  • Water Skiing
  • Wake Boarding
  • Windsurfing

As you can see, Palmas del Mar offers a long list of things to do! Once you have arrived in Palmas, don't forget to visit the East Puerto Rico Diving Office at the Palmas del Mar Yacht Club and ask us for our special scuba diving charter deals and our unforgettable scuba tours! Here is the first of our summer special diving packages at the Four Points by Sheraton Hotel, here in Palmas del Mar! The Four Points by Sheraton is located right at the beach in Palmas del Mar.

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